Regular dental checkups (preventaive recare appointments) are essential to maintaining good oral health. Once we accomplish a thorough dental examination, we will make a recommendation based on your condition for how often your checkups should be made. This is determined on an individual basis founded on firm research, in order to maintain our goals of stability and health. This could range from every three months to only once a year.

Many factors play a role in the frequency of preventative appointments:

  • Systemic health
  • Home dental care
  • Susceptibility to bacterial buildup (plaque and tartar)

With your doctor’s guidance, you’ll be put in the driver’s seat to determine the long term dental care plan that’s right for you. Dr. Tom and Dr. Effie understand that it’s best if you share in the consultation process and are equipped with all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. Every step is co-created by you and your doctor.